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Need College Data?

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We regularly receive requests for College data from researchers and health organizations. To request data, please complete and submit this form

Not all requests are approved — for more information on this, please refer to the FAQs. We will use the decision tool below to assess your request.

Decision Tool

  • Who is making the request?
  • Why do they need the data? (We do not provide data for commercial purposes).
  • Does the request further the objects of the College? (See Data-Sharing FAQs)
  • Does it align with College priorities?
Data & Resources
  • What data is needed?
  • Does the College have the data?
  • How resource-intensive will producing the data be?
  • Does sharing the data present any risks, and are those risks acceptable to the College and its members?
  • If the data support research, is the requestor pursuing ethics board approval (a condition of approval)?
  • Is the requestor willing to enter into a data-sharing agreement (which the College will initiate)?
Decision Based on responses to these questions.