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You and Your Doctor

Learn about existing responsibilities that doctors have when treating you. We identify things you are entitled to as a patient, so that you have a good understanding about what to expect during medical encounters and you can take an active role in your health-care.


Patient Newsletter

is our quarterly newsletter for members of the general public. Each issue includes updates from the CPSO that are relevant to patients, their families and other external stakeholders.


Compliment a Physician

Have you had a great experience with an Ontario doctor? Let us know about it!


Reports of Clinic Inspections

The following listing provides access to information about out-of-hospital premises where procedures are performed under various forms of anaesthesia. This information includes the outcome/status of an inspection of the premises.


Unregistered Practitioners

Information about individuals who have been practising medicine without a certificate of registration and/or a person who has been holding him/herself out as a physician in contravention of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 or the Medicine Act, 1991.


Public Engagement

The patient and caregiver voice is not just welcome, but absolutely vital to our work. Find out how you can take part.