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Elected Council Member

Bring your skills to the table

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The College is the self-regulating body for the medical profession in Ontario. The medical profession has been granted a great deal of authority by provincial law and this system of self-regulation is based on the premise that the College must act first and foremost in the public interest.

Elected members of Council have the opportunity to participate in making decisions about:

  • Standards of practice and professional conduct for the practice of medicine
  • Competencies for entry to practice and ongoing practice
  • New programs and policies that guide the profession
  • Government initiatives and legislation affecting health care and the medical profession, and
  • Development of regulations and by-laws.

Members of Council also fulfill a critical role on statutory committees such as complaints and discipline.

If you...

  • Want to contribute to professional self-regulation in a meaningful way
  • Are willing to share your ideas and perspectives to help shape important decisions, and
  • Can set aside the time to participate

… then this is an opportunity to enrich your professional life and make a contribution to both the public and the medical profession through active involvement as a Council member.

Time commitment for Council members

Number of days of meetings/hearings per year: 7 days/year
Preparation time (per meeting/hearing): 6 - 14 hours
Attendance at College per meeting/hearing:
  • 4 one-day meetings
  • 1 day orientation
  • 1 two-day meeting
Additional teleconferences per year: Sometimes required
Decision/report writing for Committee members: No


Visit our Council Elections page if you're interested in running for Council.