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Meet the Council

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From the President

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years as a family physician, it’s that medicine is a complex profession and getting more complex every year. I love my job not in spite of all this complexity, but because of it. It’s an attitude I’ve brought to my work with CPSO, and one I will continue to bring in my role as president in 2020.

CPSO electoral district map representing 10 districts
Electoral district map. Click to enlarge.

Two aspects of my CPSO work have really brought the intricate nature of medicine into focus: my recent involvement with our new Continuity of Care policies, and my work on our Quality Assurance Committee. Both areas have taught me that the only way to address true complexity is through collaboration. With Continuity of Care, I learned that patients, more than ever, want to be actively involved in their own care; they want to be treated as equal partners with their physicians to reach the best possible health outcome. The same could be said of doctors when it comes to quality improvement and assurance: they want to be actively engaged in the tools that help them strengthen their medical practices.

Let’s make 2020 all about addressing complexity through collaboration. We’ve got an exciting year ahead.

Dr. Brenda Copps (Hamilton)
President — Electoral District 4

Elected Professional Members

Dr. Philip Berger (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Michael Franklyn (Sudbury)
Electoral District 8
Dr. Robert Gratton (London)
Electoral District 2
Dr. Deborah Hellyer (Windsor)
Electoral District 1
Dr. Haidar Mahmoud (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Judith Plante (Pembroke)
Vice President — Electoral District 7
Dr. Ian Preyra (Burlington)
Electoral District 4
Dr. John Rapin (Kingston)
Electoral District 6
Dr. Sarah Reid (Ottawa)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Jerry Rosenblum (Waterloo)
Electoral District 3
Dr. David Rouselle (Newmarket)
Electoral District 5
Dr. Patrick Safieh (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Elizabeth Samson (Oshawa)
Electoral District 5
Dr. Andrew Turner (Thunder Bay)
Electoral District 9

Public Members

Shahid Chaudhry
Jose Cordeiro
Joan Fisk
Murthy Ghandikota
Pierre Giroux
Nadia M. Joseph
Mehdi Kanji
Richmond Hill
Catherine Kerr
Paul Malette
Lydia Miljan
Peter Pielsticker
Linda Robbins
Shannon Weber

University Representatives

Dr. Mary Bell
University of Toronto
Dr. Paul Hendry
University of Ottawa
Dr. Terri Paul
Western University
Dr. Karen Saperson
McMaster University
Dr. Robert Smith
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. Janet van Vlymen
Queen's University